Good to lose decals

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Eliminating parking decals for students can benefit faculty and staff too.

The removal of decals as a parking protocol is the first thing district has gotten right in a long time.

The general public, trying to park in the now open lots, is the only real concern for students.

Though if anyone wants to circle full parking lots for hours trying to find an empty spot alongside students, more power to them.

About $35,000 will be saved on printing and distributing the 2-inch-by 2-inch stickers, not to mention all of the paper and hassle saved without the barrage of parking tickets passed out.

Since enforcement officers will not only get to keep their jobs, many will also get promotions, campus police will be able to better serve the area without having to babysit parking lots.

Students pay a one-time $25 campus access fee. Faculty and staff pay a $50 vehicle registration fee, taken out of their paychecks over the semester.

Faculty and staff can opt out of the $50 fee to park in faculty lots by not registering a vehicle and avoiding the charge.

These fees are not unreasonable, as funding provides services such as road repairs and scholarships.

With all the upset district caused last semester, between EDUC 1300, standardized textbooks and six institutes, it’s nice to be able to give them a pat on the back for once.


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