Study: Study sanctuaries

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 Illustration by Ansley Lewis

Illustration by Ansley Lewis

By Dorothy P. Braziel

When it’s time to hit the books, deciding where can make or break a study session.Distractions such as heavy traffic, loud music, ringing cell phones and loud talking can ruin some of the best study areas, said reference Librarian Celita DeArmond.

A few places around campus to achieve nirvana include Moody Learning Center, Chance garden and Bennett Music Hall.

Tucked away behind Chance Academic Center is a garden  with trails leading to an open, lighted seating area. The Bennett Music Hall at West Dewey and Belknap places has a shaded lawn with minimal traffic.

For students who require a little less nature and a lot more technology, Moody Learning Center is a spot for quiet studying.

While the first floor is all hustle and bustle, multiple floors above feature out-of-the-way areas to achieve maximum learning potential.

The Student Mega Lab on the fifth floor offers Internet access, study stations and an open computer lab.

On the seventh floor is the Student Learning Assistance Center, where students have access to computers and free tutoring.

On the fourth floor is an entire area devoted to studying.

“It’s important that students can go someplace where they don’t have any distractions so they can concentrate and think,” DeArmond said.

There is plenty of space to crack open a book and delve deep into a study session without distractions. “We’ve only had the area for less than a year,” DeArmond said, noting there are no other study areas on campus.

Dotted throughout Moody are multiple study spots. Librarians and aides can help students find the perfect spot.


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