ApplyTexas online application only recognizes Alamo Colleges, not specific campuses

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Banner mismatch with ApplyTexas causing inconvenient delays for returning students.

 By Ansley Lewis

Returning students to this college who use the ApplyTexas online application are running into delays and finding unexplained holds on their accounts.

Counseling Professor Steve Samet, who said he refers students to the admissions office when they have holds on their accounts, did not understand why returning students would have holds on their transcripts that were not caused by the usual reasons such as grades, payment debts or meningitis records.

“It is a Banner failure,” Samet said. “Students shouldn’t have holds on their accounts if they are returning students.”

Banner was initially believed to be the only issue, but Samet said ApplyTexas is also a problem.

Students wanting to input this college as their former school on ApplyTexas are only given the option to list Alamo Colleges, which is causing holds to be placed on students’ accounts.

Samet said more than 10 students have been affected, but he was not able to give an exact number.

“It is an inconvenience to students because they have no knowledge of why they have holds on their accounts until they come in and talk to an adviser.”

Joe Jacques, assistant director of admissions, helped Samet discover the ApplyTexas issue, but The Ranger was not able to reach him for comment.

Students who have holds should visit the office of admissions in Room 216 of Fletcher Administration Center to determine the cause of the hold.

The admissions page of this college’s website also has several links to videos showing how students can check for holds on their accounts, request transcripts and find their Banner information.

For more information, call the office of admissions at 210-486-0200, visit Room 216 of Fletcher Administration Center or go to


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