Don’t let flu season catch you

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 Photo illustration by Daniel Carde

Photo illustration by Daniel Carde

Get vaccinated to avoid missing classes.

By Cynthia M. Herrera

First, there’s a sneeze. Next comes the sniffling, but it’s no big deal because it feels like the common cold. Then, fever kicks in, along with a dry cough, sore throat and body aches. A common cold turns out to be the flu.

Prevention should be everyone’s top priority, the city’s top health official said.

Flu season starts between late September and early October.

To avoid getting the flu starts with basic hygiene, said Dr. Anil T. Mangla, assistant director of health at the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.

Use soap and water when washing hands and avoid handshakes, he said. If necessary, use an alcohol-based sanitizer after.

Stay away from crowds, as the flu can pass from person to person through coughing, sneezing and other airborne means.

There are three types of influenzas: human influenza A, B and C. …Human influenza A and B arise during the winter in the U.S, according to the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Type C influenza occurs less frequently than type A and B, according to the website for the World Health Organization.

However, Type C can cause respiratory illness, according to the CDC.

Receiving a flu shot is recommended to help prevent the flu. The shot causes antibodies to develop in the body for two weeks after the vaccination, according to the CDC.

The Frank Garrett Center, at 12268 N.W. 18th St., offers flu vaccines for $25 and the flu mist for $30. Costco Pharmacy also offers flu shots for $14.99.

Recipients must first complete a vaccine consent form on Costco’s website:

For more information on local flu shots, visit


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