Coping mechanisms reduce stress

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 Illustration by Ansley Lewis

Illustration by Ansley Lewis

By Cynthia M. Herrera

Full-time students who also work full-time to pay bills will experience some sort of stress.

Luckily, there are ways to limit the amount of stress and only keep a healthy stress level.

In a pamphlet offered by Faye Acocks Hallford, counselor at Northeast Lakeview College, stress is defined as “how your body naturally reacts to difficult situations or events.”

Hallford teaches coping mechanisms to students.

“Coping mechanisms,” Hallford said, “is trying to give ways to reduce stress levels.”

Stress isn’t curable and can arise in a person at anytime.

“The situation you are in causes your stress,” Hallford states, calling this “situational stress.”

A few ways a student can prevent being overly stressed is to be organized, planning tasks during a high-energy time of day, and exercising, according to the pamphlet.

Keeping a low stress level will go a long way as students continue their education, and moving forward, with their careers.

Students can talk with a school counselor if they need help.

There is also the United Way Helpline students can turn to for assistance.

Call 210-227-4357 or visit Contact the counseling and advising center at any of the Alamo Colleges.


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