Take health seriously

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Avoid spreading disease by taking the necessary precautions.

Flu season has started. Ebola is in Dallas. Health has become a top concern for many this month.

No one has time to be miserable and bed-ridden for days or longer.

To avoid this, people must take precautions to stay healthy.

• Regularly wash hands with soap.

The number of people who walk out of restrooms with unwashed or just rinsed hands is staggering and disgusting.

Ebola is passed through bodily fluids and can survive on surfaces for hours. Now, think about toilets.

Don’t overdo the washing, though.

Too much exposure to water can lead to dry, cracked skin, a prime way for bacteria and viruses to enter your system.

• Cover your mouth, but not with your hands.

Sneeze or cough into your sleeve and turn away from those in the crossfire.

Spraying saliva all over the people around you is the best way to spread airborne diseases, such as the flu.

Using your hands as a cover takes us back a step.

• Avoid touching people, especially their hands.

You do not know if they wash their hands after using the restroom, sneeze into them or play with the gum under tables.

• Stay hydrated.

If you get sick, you are losing a lot of fluids, which you need to replace or risk dehydration.

At the first sign of illness, drink plenty of fluids and avoid sugar-rich beverages.

• Get plenty of rest.

Your body recuperates while catching Zs.

Medical professionals are saying Ebola eventually will reach San Antonio, and the flu has run rampant year after year.

If people don’t start taking health seriously — their own and everyone else’s — infectious diseases are bound to spread.

When an epidemic starts, we’ll have no ground to stand on, and we shouldn’t be surprised because we had it coming.

Prevention starts with you.


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