Vote with knowledge

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Can you imagine a world of uneducated voters?

In May 2014, 18.9 million Texans became eligible to vote; however, there were only 13.6 million registered voters, the Texas secretary of state says.

There are 25,457 students at this college alone, and 62,377 students in the district and 1.4 million people living in San Antonio, according to the estimated 2013 census.

Students have a large amount of power, and San Antonio has an even greater one.

If voters do not educate themselves on the issues and the candidates before going to the polls, they are doing the state and their fellow Americans a disservice.

San Antonio makes voting convenient, bringing voting booths to colleges.

Students can vote at Sinkin EcoCentro on North Main Avenue at East Locust Street.

Candidates have placed their campaign posters all over the streets around this college.

Students can see the ones that spark an interest and research what the candidates stand for.

Understanding a candidate’s position is important to help you find someone you can relate to, often someone with similar values.

The candidates have their names and current positions listed on

The worst thing anyone can do is vote without knowledge or information.

In the modern age of technology, it is so easy to look something up.

Why would you vote for a candidate you know nothing about?

Remember, an uninformed vote could seal your fate for several years.

When it comes to public education controlled by the government, do you want to guess on the ballot and seal your fate?

How many years are you willing to sacrifice by being uninformed?

Get informed before you vote.

You will be doing us all a favor.


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