Panel to show students where their money goes

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Committee will break down the allocation of student activity fee.

Ana Victoria Cano

The Student Activity Fees Committee is hosting a panel to explain the fee and answer questions from students 12:30-1:30 pm Nov. 6 in Lago vista Room 122 of Cypress Campus Center at Northwest vista college.

Each semester, students pay an activity fee of $1 for every credit hour they take. This money helps student initiatives such as leadership, clubs, organizations, sports, fitness, wellness, campus activities, speakers and events, said director of student life Marie Morgan, Who is also co-chair, president, and coordinator of Student Leadership and Activities.

“This is a fee that the majority of our students pay into,” Morgan said. “They should be aware of how their money is being allocated and what is available to them. They can also provide feedback on these allocations and make suggestions to the Student Activities Fee committee.” Morgan said.

It also will describe the duties of the committee, which is composed of five voting student members, four voting faculty/staff members and alternate student members.

The panel is for all students of the Alamo Colleges.

“They get to see how their money is being allocated and what programs, activities, events, services may benefit them,” said Morgan, who will attend.

For more information, call 210-486-4009


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