Pirates prove to be worthy adversary against the Nighthawks

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Nighthawks pull ahead of the Pirates in overtime.

Dorothy P. Braziel


The Northeast Lakeview Nighthawks advanced against the Victoria Community College Pirates 80-77 Wednesday in the gym of the Wellness Center at Northeast Lakeview College.

The Nighthawks executed great communication and teamwork from tipoff but still managed to miss several layups in the first half.

Nighthawk point guards Tyron Faulks and Gabriel Deleon kept the Pirates on their toes but still managed to fall behind 24-26 at halftime.

“Victoria College is playing good,” said Nighthawks Head Coach Steve Gordon. “We just have to make those layups.”

The second half showed a power struggle for the leader board.

“Those boys came here to play,” onlooker Demetria Caulder said.

The Nighthawks managed to catch up to the Pirates and showed more aggressiveness than in the first half.

The Nighthawks missed another 10 layups but still managed to pull ahead of the Pirates in overtime.

“At 18 turnovers, we still pulled it together in the final stretch,” Gordon said. “We were aggressive and showed teamwork. We’ll learn from this.”

The Nighthawks’ next game will be against St. Edward’s College at 7 p.m. Nov. 5 in the gym of the Wellness Center.


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