Keep discussion open

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Fresh air and daylight will lead to healthy district growth.

The leadership of the college district has been consistently called out for being secretive about decisions that directly impact students.

The Student Success Committee meeting Oct. 21 was a step in the right direction for communication in the Alamo Colleges.

For example, when the district made the decision to add EDUC 1300 to the core curriculum in place of a humanities requirement, and, more recently, the decision to remove concentrations from degrees, decisions were made behind closed doors without faculty or student input.

Public outrage was the result.

However, the last meeting showed improvement is possible.

Dr. Jo Carol Fabianke, vice chancellor of academic success, said it was wonderful that students were excited about what’s happening but they need the full story.

If the district leadership practiced the transparency trustees have been so quick to tout, students, faculty and the public would have the full story.

Public discussion of topics so critical to the entire community needs to be a regular practice and those discussions should occur long before the district leadership has seen fit in the past.

We hope the new board leadership will continue to foster open discussion and the days of trustee executive sessions followed by votes and no discussion are gone.


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