Remember to feed your brain

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 Illustration by Ansley Lewis

Illustration by Ansley Lewis

Wellness expert recommends green tea and a good breakfast to fuel smart studying.

By Amanda K. Tetens

It’s the night before a huge midterm, and passing is a must.

Then it hits you: You are hungry. But should you eat something sweet, salty, heavy or light?

Web MD says different foods have various effects on us.

But what’s going to keep you up through that all-nighter with a successful outcome?

For a quick and easy caffeine boost, students often reach for a Red Bull or Monster energy drink.

Chris Dillon, Alamo Colleges wellness coordinator, suggests otherwise.

“Liquid crack,” Dillon said.

Dillon suggested substitutions for energy drinks that provide an energy boost and fewer side effects such as higher heart rate and the “caffeine crash.”

He suggests green tea or black coffee with Stevia or another natural sugar substitute.

When it’s late, don’t grab the ice cream or make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Try something high in protein, Dillon said. Snacks such as turkey jerky or mixed nuts will fulfill your hunger and keep you going through the study session.

“Some fats are needed to function,” Dillon said, adding moderation is key.

He discourages skipping breakfast because that will only lead to a slow-motion day and overeating at other meals.

Doing so results in being tired, maybe even too tired to concentrate on your studies, he said.

Instead Dillon recommends, “Three meals a day with healthy snacks in between.”


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