District asks students for input on degree change

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Vice chancellor asks for response via email to kbooth@alamo.edu before Dec. 1.

By Bleah B. Patterson


District officials are seeking student feedback on transfer degrees.

Jo-Carol Fabianke, vice chancellor for academic success, met with the Student District Council Friday to discuss a clarification in language regarding transfer degrees.

Student District Council conducts a bi-weekly meeting of student government groups from each of the five colleges with student trustee Jacob Wong.

In April, the Presidents and Vice Chancellor Committee, or PVC, decided to eliminate traditional degrees with printed majors and focus on transfer degrees for Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees for students who enrolled in the fall.

Fabianke said this decision was made to make sure students can transfer the most credit hours as possible by leaving the 18 hours above the 42-hour core open, similar to a liberal arts degree.

Fabianke said last week, the PVC decided to clarify the language surrounding the degree change creating a handout and slideshow she asked the student government at each college to circulate to students requesting feedback.

“We realize we really haven’t been clear on our intent. We want you to share this with as many students as possible,” she said.

Fabianke said right now, the PVC is looking to create a designation for diplomas that would possibly read “transfer degree” in the student’s course of study.

She hopes this will ease districtwide tension.

“We want to apply more definitive intent to students, and remind them an A.A. and A.S. is for a bachelor’s degree; an Associate of Applied Science is for going into the workforce after graduation,” Fabianke said.

Students with any comments or suggestions have been asked to email kbooth@alamo.edu before Dec. 1.

She said none of the emails sent by students will be removed or filtered before they’re given to the PVC. The committee will use the feedback to edit the feedback.

Fabianke requested that students send them from their Aces emails so they can verify a student is sending them.


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