Just listen to us

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The decisions district officials make have a huge impact on the lives of students. The input of faculty members — the ones who actually spend the most time around students — is not even taken into account when these decisions are made.

Faculty do not have the opportunity to have their voices heard, so how does district have any clue of the student perspective?

Considering faculty members have the best idea of what students need and want, why does district not take the time to hear them out?

Take that another step further, why does district not take the time to hear students? After all, don’t they work for us? It seems they have forgotten this.

Maybe they think using more forms of self-help jargon, removing degree concentrations and treating us like children with new advising models and faculty “WIGs,” wildly important goals, will better prepare us for the real world.

The reality is giving us the chance to learn from our mistakes, find our niches and allow our voices to be heard will make us ready for post-Alamo Colleges life.

Do not continue to tell us what you think is best for us; just listen to us.

Giving credit where credit is due is the right thing to do.

Discussion of transfer degrees in the Oct. 28 board meeting proved the trustees’ ability to listen to students and faculty.

Let’s hope this trend continues with district administrators.


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