Request police escort if feeling unsafe

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Use any of the 49 emergency phones on campus for police assistance.

By Adriana Ruiz

Feeling unsafe after a night class? Call a police escort to accompany you on the walk to your car.

Deputy Chief Joe Pabon said the Alamo Colleges Police Depart-ment encourages anyone who feels unsafe walking to their car or to school to call the non-emergency campus line at 210-485-0099 for an escort.

He said students, faculty and staff can also request a police escort by using any of the 49 emergency call posts throughout campus and outside parking garages.

According to this college’s crime statistics report, in 2013 there were 10 cases of simple assault, two off campus and two cases at Tobin Lofts. The other six cases were reported off campus.

“If they feel something is going on or they do not feel comfortable or have a long walk, providing that we have an officer available, then call us,” he said.

Pabon said although the police department is always open, it may take a few minutes for an officer to show up.

“We are here 24-7,” he said. “If a student is here, call us. We will escort you.”

Examples of when to call the non-emergency number are losing a personal item, finding a wallet, locking keys in a car or a small car accident with no injuries, Pabon said.

For emergencies like a major car accident, theft or fire, call 210-485-0911.


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