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Student life spending needs to benefit all students instead of select few.

We’re moving in the right direction with the possibility of the OrgSync/ACES integration. The application will allow ACES to be more user-friendly, eliminating the need to log in twice.

So now the district is bringing in yet another consultant to help the Alamo Colleges do things more efficiently? There is a price tag, but it’s neither been finalized nor disclosed.

How many students are involved in clubs and organizations?

Further, how many involved in clubs and organizations actually use OrgSync? Why not ask if students still use pagers.

Granted, some clubs — mostly those closely affiliated with student life — do keep postings up to date, but a large majority don’t.

A quick search of OrgSync revealed the Biology Club hasn’t posted anything since October. Club advisers, usually professors, are too bogged down with duties to update OrgSync.

The office of student life by far has the most information on, just as it does all over campus on bulletin boards, which are often flooded with outdated events.

Let’s not forget student life receives a significant budget for a staff whose job is to inform students of the activities their student activity fee pays for.

Of the $336,016 student activity budget for fiscal year 2015, $130,772 pays the salaries of two full-time coordinators. This equals almost 40 percent.

For that much, shouldn’t they also keep the bulletin boards current?

Before approving this measure, the board needs to take the lead in making sure money is spent on things to benefit all students, not just a select few.


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