Trust students to make decisions

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Remember the secondary reasons for earning a college degree.

Students who seek childcare need look no further than this college’s early childhood studies department.

The department offers discount childcare for children through the age of 5 thanks to a grant provided through the department of education.

To qualify, students must enroll in nine hours, pay tuition and provide a concise schedule, account summary and degree plan signed by their adviser.

However, some students choose to take courses outside the degree plan to explore a second major, for fun or personal enrichment.

Some programs naturally support one another as in the case of an RTVB student who wanted a journalism class.

Fortunately, logic reigned in her case and she was allowed to enroll in a course that supports her studies.

Students sometimes start out committed to a major, but soon find they are not suited to the field or it simply wasn’t what they imagined it would be. That is an important function of education.

Today it’s the early childhood center, but the writing is on the wall. This district wants more graduates, and pushing students through preordained degree plans is the fastest way to increasing graduation numbers.

Every student shouldn’t have to seek an official waiver. Advising is important and having a plan for completing a degree or certificate is vital, but trust students to be able to make their own decisions about their classes. That, too, is an important function of education.

Let students have the freedom of access to affordable education that will lead to an improved quality of life.

Yes, that, too, is an important function of education.


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