Academy reschedules pepper spray training

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Law enforcement officers must complete training to use the spray.

By Daniel Carde

The Law Enforcement Training Academy will reschedule pepper spray training in April, May or June, chief tactical Instructor M.C. Joseph said during an interview Feb. 10.

“We did not have enough participants,” Joseph said, referring to the training scheduled Feb. 6. “College rules say we need at least eight to be able to form a class.”

If only one or two people participate in the class, the class doesn’t bring in enough revenue, he said.

Participants must be law enforcement cadets or employed in law enforcement to take the training, he said.

It costs $35 to participate in the four-hour OC pepper spray class.

“Oleoresin capscicum is made from the same chemical that makes chili peppers hot — but at much higher concentrations,” according to a Nov. 25, 2011, article posted on

The academy offers the pepper spray class four times a year, Joseph said. The training needs to be taken only once in a lifetime.

The OC pepper spray training teaches participants what pepper spray is and the effects of pepper spray, Joseph said. Participants also will learn how to defend themselves against pepper spray.

He also said participants will learn when the use of pepper spray is justified and when it is not justified.

At the end of the course, participants will be sprayed so they have a direct knowledge of the effects the spray has on a person, he said.

Joseph said upon successful completion of the class, participants receive a certificate.

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement requires law enforcement officers to successfully complete the course to carry pepper spray when on duty, Joseph said. TCOLE is the governing body for law enforcement for the state.

For more information about the next pepper spray class, contact continuing education specialist Michelle Contreras at 210-486-1335 or visit the Law Enforcement Training Center, 1014 San Pedro Ave.


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