Letter: Alcohol awareness important

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Your information on the spring break alcohol awareness event coming up (“Spring break brings alcohol awareness,” March 2) is very useful because we live in denial, and seeing the effects it causes, we can decide to make better choices or at least minimize the amount we take by attending these important events.

Drunk driving is certainly one of the main reasons I don’t like to go out so late on spring break because even if I’m trying to be safe, others can be the reason why we are involved in an accident or possibly even death.

Having the SACADA preventive program at the event is even better so that students can see the many helpful options they have when they abuse too much alcohol or drugs.

I have used simulator glasses before and I can remember seeing this distorted view. It is so hard to balance, it amazes me how no matter if you think you’re accurate and try and walk the line you are not doing it correctly.

Thank you for the information and I hope to learn much more when I attend this event.

Virginia Cano

Criminal justice sophomore


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