Letter: Give vaping a chance

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On Feb. 9, The Ranger Online published “Human Services Club cleans up smokers’ corner,” and this may have jeopardized the smokers’ “paradise.”

Placing a designated cigarette butt receptacle has now labeled the gathering spot as a smoking area, which defies upcoming potential campus policy and draws more attention to the area than before.

Perhaps a push for vaping on campus is the next approach.

As a retired smoker, vaping improved my overall health and may have even saved my life.

While by most standards vaping is still viewed as a chemical dependency, it’s one that’s cleaner for the campus and the students subjected to the smokers’ corner and the smoker as well.

Right now, on college campuses across America, vaping is currently banned under the tobacco free campus act despite no actual tobacco usage.

The real question is why? No matter how many times I ask local campus police why vaping is subjected to the same rules as smoking, I never get a clear answer.

It’s time for a progressive movement into the future. The public deserves real awareness of vaping and the benefits.

Cigarettes have over 4,000 chemicals, 43 of which are known carcinogens while e-juice, the liquid turned into vapor, consists of just four ingredients.

Research it and decide for yourself.

Joshua P. Richardson

Northwest Vista College communications sophomore


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