Letter: Old-fashioned note-taking still an important skill

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In response to the article written on Feb. 27 “Technology trumps old-fashioned note-taking”:

Before America gives up on the art of note-taking, we must remember that if we quit teaching how to take notes, the knowledge will die out like a whisper in the wind.

This is like so many other things in this world that are in danger of losing popularity and being lost to the sands of time. Examples of this are all around us. For instance, the average teen feels more comfortable talking via text messages than talking on the phone.

Taking some sort of notes will always be a critical part of your career. However, most of us prefer to take the easy road to success by keeping an electronic copy like a .pdf file or a PowerPoint presentation. But is the easy way the best way?

The average American probably doesn’t realize that in almost every type of career you could imagine, note-taking is a critical skill to have whether you are a police officer or a doctor.

Which is the question that the Alamo Colleges board of trustees should ask themselves before going to a completely digital format of learning and getting rid of the people who honor the disabled Americans by providing the services needed by so many.

Adam Clark

Information technology sophomore


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