Letter: College’s job to keep restrooms clean

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“Restroom reviews encourage ‘holding it’” Feb. 23:

After reading your article about the cleanliness of the school bathrooms, with the remarks from the president of the school, I must say that I disagree with his comments.

He stated,“Keeping restrooms clean is everybody’s responsibility. If you see something, report it.” This is right to an extent, but further into reading your article you stated that it was a contracted job and that the bathroom cleaning sheets have not been updated in months.

So if we as student sit here and report the issues and write articles about it in the school newspaper to get attention to the matter and still nothing is done about it, when does it become the school’s job to fix it?

We as students can only do so much to keep the bathrooms clean. We do our “responsibility.”

When will Dr. Robert Vela do his responsibility? When will he go into the bathrooms that we as students have to use and realize if he won’t sit on the dirty toilet, why he would think we would?

If this a group effort, then maybe we should do something about it instead of passing it along to someone else to fix.

Jaime E. Terrazas

Network Administrator Freshman


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