Letter: Article lacks other perspectives

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I send this with regard to your article “Balancing life, school, work” March 2:

Though this article has high potential for beneficial advice or ideas for students in the circumstances described in the title, there are some things that could be modified.

I found that this article specifically identified someone who came from an extreme circumstance, and that they are a full-time employee. The article is difficult for readers that come from different circumstances to identify with.

This article should be redesigned to include three different perspectives: one representative from a background described in the original article, one perspective from a student who works part time with a family, and finally a perspective of a student that works full-time time and has a family.

Lastly, this article identified two of the three topics mentioned in the title, work and school. Therefore, there could be an addition of information in a future article describing the personal life of student(s) to help give an idea of how to balance the time one needs to be successful.

Trent Walker

Liberal Arts Freshman


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