Letter: College success comes from staying focused

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In regard to the article, “Balancing life, school, work” March 2:

As a long-time student, I found this article to be refreshingly informative. There is a huge transition between high school and college.

Primary and secondary institutions have a preset structure that students are trained to follow for 12 years. However, the environment of a tertiary institution being mature and free choice can be empowering to some or intimidating to others.

As students enter this new educational path, they are confronted with many options in choosing their degree plans. This determines the course of their college career. Among the myriad choices and distractions, people can easily lose focus of their goals.

The example of Margie Garcia’s educational journey serves as a reminder that no matter how close to our goals we are, it is important not to lose focus. The most well-planned program can be altered by unexpected circumstances. So contingencies and sacrifices can correct that path.

To read that others experience similar predicaments when balancing many aspects of life with education was very affirming. The tips provided in the article were extremely helpful as many students may not know that these resources exist to help navigate through a nontraditional, educational world.

I would like to thank Danny Geraldo Martinez for such a positive insight into a subject that students may confront at any given time, regardless of their degree of academic success.

No matter how goal-oriented a student may be or how long they have been in a higher learning environment, we can all get lost and forget our way from time to time. This article was a great note of how to get back on track.

Genevieve Higdon

Liberal Arts Sophomore


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