Letter: Dropping classes at your peril

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While I personally am not at the mercy of child care services, your cartoon “Drop The Class” Feb. 9 caught my attention and made me think about my current situation.

I am currently over the limit (five) classes dropped and am consequently ineligible for financial aid. While this seems like a fair agreement, there are many factors that contribute to situations similar to mine, which ultimately hinder a student’s ability to be successful.

Shortly after I began my first semester of college at Northwest Vista, an immediate family member fell terminally ill.

After a few semesters of trying to balance work, school, a girlfriend of five years and caring for my family member, I found myself in a helpless position. Unable to pass my classes, I dropped the courses I could not juggle.

The thing is I never accepted financial aid. From my first class at Vista in 2012 till now, I have paid my tuition in cash that I have earned working.

I am currently in the ridiculous process of appealing for my eligibility for financial aid so I can afford to continue my education. I know I am not alone due to the long wait one must endure.

Why does the state only allow you to appeal drops after you have reached the limit? It seems more practical that they should allow you to appeal for a drop as it happens when in hardship situations so students won’t become stuck in this horrible situation.

I pay taxes so that I can have access to things such as financial aid. Beware the drop, kids.

Joshua Jaeschke

Liberal Arts Sophomore


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