Letter: Time valuable to college students

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In reference to “Balancing life, school, work” March 2, I have grown a special interest in the topic. I read in this article that about 50 percent of the students at our school are nontraditional students.

Our academic adviser knows and understands this. I also understand this because I am one of the many students like this at SAC.

There is not enough time in our day to complete every task needed. Teachers understand this to a point but take this issue lightly. An awareness is needed for everyone including teachers, students and any other employees that encounter students that time is the most valuable thing to us right now.

While this is a public school, we need to be respectful that this is also a privilege to many and that we work hard to be here.

Working five days a week and trying to be a full-time student the other two is no easy task. If staff would move faster valuing students time, if teachers could stay a few extra moments to help without being rushed out for another class, and, if others could be being courteous to students studying or working in the halls, then managing our time here at school would run smoother.

Everyone needs to understand that sometimes this school is the only place we can get our work done.

Although just an opinion, I feel I speak for a majority of the school.

Ariel Alcantar

Criminal Justice Sophomore


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