Letter: Work, studies good training for life

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In response to “Balancing life, school, work” March 2:

Long gone are the days of going to school and focusing on your studies. We no longer have that luxury

With the cost of tuition, books, transportation, and the simple cost of living going up, it’s no wonder why over half our students have to have jobs. Scholarships and financial aid only help so much.

Judging from my parents and any adult I have ever spent some time around, it does not get any easier. I personally think it is a good thing that we have work and school at the same time.

It builds life skills that we are required to learn at an earlier age now. The world is only getting harder, and we have to adapt.

It is the nature of the beast, a necessary evil; however, one that eventually pays off. It only helps you in the future because when you graduate odds are your chosen career will also be a very demanding skill. But one you would have learned already.

Going to school and working is very hard but not impossible. There are plenty of resources and people around you to help.

Keep your head down, nose in the books, mind on success and you will only do good things in this world.

Benjamin Aguirre

Music Business Freshman


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