Summer registration opens for enrolled students

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April 6 will be open registration for all students.

By Alyssa Zapata

Summer registration has opened for currently enrolled students depending on how many hours they have completed.

Students are able to check their registration status through ACES to make sure there are no holds or remaining balances owed.

All students must have a current Apply Texas application completed.

Registration is open for Maymester, Summer I, Summer II and Summer 8 Week.

Starting today, enrolled students with 46 or more hours are able to register for classes.

Enrolled students with 31 or more hours will be able to register March 25.

Enrolled students with one or more hours can register March 26.

April 6 will be the registration date for all students.

Jason Munguia, incoming graphic design freshman, spoke with admissions and records to get started with registration.

“I am trying to get my transcripts and paperwork done as soon as I can,” he said.

Registration ends May 10 for Maymester, May 31 for Summer I and Summer 8 Week, and July 5 for Summer II.

Students who want to apply for summer financial aid still have until July 15.

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