New college address to be 1819 N. Main Ave.

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City rejects proposed 1801 N. Main Ave. address.

By Kyle R. Cotton

This college is getting a new address, but not the one it requested.

John Strybos, associate vice chancellor of facilities, announced at a Feb. 11 SAC project update meeting the college would be changing from its historical address since the 1950s of 1300 San Pedro Ave. to 1801 N. Main Ave.

However, instead of the proposed address change, this college’s address will be 1819 N. Main Ave.

According to an email from Debbie Gaitan, development services specialist with the city’s development services department’s land development division, to this college’s administration, their request to change to 1801 N. Main Ave. could not be fulfilled.

“Due to the city of San Antonio’s Code of Ordinances Chapter 29, we could not accommodate your request to address the property 1801 N. Main Ave.,” Gaitan said in the e-mail. “Effective immediately the address for Alamo Colleges/San Antonio College is 1819 N. Main Ave.”

As to why the proposed address wasn’t approved, David Mrizek, vice president of college services, said, “We guessed it would be 1801. … The official address is determined by the city.”

President Robert Vela said the proposed address of 1801 N. Main Ave. was too far south.

“1819 puts you right in the center of San Antonio College, Moody (Learning Center), so it’s a very prominent place to know that you are right in the middle of SAC,” Vela said.

Now that the address change has been approved by the city, the next step for this college is to update its utility information with CPS energy, SAWS, U.S. Postal services, etc.

Other routine mail includes transcripts from high schools and other colleges, invoices from vendors, promotions from publishers and payment for various services, such as facility rental or donations in the KSYM pledge drive.

“Everyone will be updated. … We will probably have mail coming to the old 1300 address for a little while, but those will be forwarded to the new 1819 address,” Mrizek said.


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