Concealed guns good idea for emergencies

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Repealing bill would give power to the gunmen.

On April 11, the Student Government Association will travel to a Dallas conference to oppose a bill passed by the Texas Senate March 20 that allows students with concealed handgun licenses to bring guns onto college campuses.

In a March 23 meeting, SGA unanimously opposed the bill because it was not specific.

The board of trustees also passed a districtwide initiative against the measure in spring 2013.

But is opposition the best way to go?

The bill is meant to protect people by arming them if needed.

Repealing the bill is only going to protect a shooter, not the people inside classrooms who are unarmed.

This bill won’t stop people who break the law from coming inside with a firearm anyway.

This bill is meant to protect everyone from guns in the classroom, but it only makes it harder to stop someone with a gun and bad intentions.

According to the Homeland Security government website on how to deal with an active shooter, the procedure in an event like this is to hide under desks and cover your head with your hands.

Also, the door must be locked and furniture be placed to block the door so intruders can’t get in. The class should remain quiet and call 9-1-1.

What if there is no time to lock the door? And what if the gunman gets in anyway?

In this case, the site lists throwing items, yelling at the shooter and acting aggressive toward them as a “last resort.”

The Active Shooter training for faculty on Alamo Learn also reminds the group in that situation to all be single-mindedly focused on taking down the shooter if it comes to that.

Two people were advised to spread out and take down the shooter.

School shootings have become increasingly more common in the last few decades ever since the Columbine shooting April 20, 1999, when two teens shot and killed 13 people and wounded 20 others, before killing themselves.

This will not go away, and the solution is not to say “No guns at all on campus.”

Those words alone will not stop a crazy gunman from shooting up a school.

Guns may seem scary and threatening, but they can save lives when used correctly.

As long as those who are licensed to carry concealed handguns know how to properly use them defensively, community colleges will be a much safer place.

Outlawing guns on campuses is not the answer.

Allowing people to arm themselves in case of an emergency is.


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