No exceptions for smokers

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Few people besides the smokers themselves are fond of the smokers’ corner, at Belknap and Dewey.

They have their reasons.

First off, there’s the fact that people now call it “smokers’ corner.”

What’s next? The alcoholics’ corner? The binge eaters’ corner?

Second, walking through or near the area is a health hazard in itself. The group produces secondhand smoke that wafts over to nearby buildings, such as McCreless Hall and Loftin Student Center.

Lastly, there’s making the smokers’ corner the exception, not the rule. President Robert Vela is in talks with the chancellor to make a designated area like the smokers’ corner on this campus instead of near the Methodist Student Center, which is considered “off campus.”

The effort is to prevent the inhabitants of smokers’ corner from getting run over; many of them sit on the curb with their legs in the street.

But what about the safety and health of other students? What about the litter?

Smokers know the health risks of smoking, and that’s OK, but they shouldn’t let their habits affect others who choose not to smoke or even those who smoke but do it only at home.

Smokers can do it on their own time, in their own corner, elsewhere. They shouldn’t be allowed to do it on campus.

College is for learning, not to waste time mingling and smoking.

Offering a pilot exception doesn’t seemnecessary.

Smokers trashed the northwest corner of the intersection before they were pushed to the northeast corner.

Why would their behavior change now?

Non-smokers on this campus shouldn’t have their health at risk from secondhand smoke.

If you are going to have a smoke-free campus, make it smoke-free.


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