Friday deadline to drop courses for 16-week semester

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Students who decide to drop must speak with their instructor to withdraw.

By Alyssa Zapata

Friday is the last date for students to drop courses for the regular 16-week spring session.

April 23 will be the last day to withdraw for the Start 2 14-week spring session.

May 1 will be the last day to withdraw for Flex 2.

After the drop date, students will receive a performance grade for the course.

Students who want to drop a course need to speak with their instructor, who can drop them through ACES.

Adviser Javier Vargas recommends students go directly to the source, whether it is financial aid or the academic department, to discuss their classes and dropping.

Students need to remember the six-drop rule, which means they are only allowed to drop six courses over their entire undergraduate career, Vargas said.

“Students often get dates mixed up so they should stay updated with an academic calendar and speak here with personal advising so we can assist now and for the future,” he said.

Students who want to withdraw from all their courses must go to counseling in the counseling center on the first floor of Moody Learning Center to get a withdrawal slip for each course.

Withdrawal slips are to be filled out for each course and taken to admissions and records for processing in Room 216 of Fletcher Administration Center.

Students can speak with student financial services for help to calculate the amount of funds they might lose for dropping classes.

If students receiving financial aid drop all courses before 60 percent of the semester is complete, they will owe money, Vargas said.

Students who will owe financial aid will be unable to obtain financial aid for any semester until the debt is paid.

Fall registration started Monday for students with 46 hours or more.

Students with 31 hours or more can register today.

April 16 is open registration for students with 16 hours or more.

April 17-26 is open registration for students with one or more hours.

Open registration for all students will be April 27.


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