Committee should keep tabs on funds

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SGA may increase the activity fee.

During the April 2 Activity Fee Committee meeting, Richard Farias, director of student life, said this college may need to increase its student activity fee.

The fee is $1 per credit hour, meaning a student taking 12 hours a semester pays $12.

While the committee would have to get the increase approved districtwide and by the board, here’s what they can do for now.

The committee can be stricter on the number of funds given out to each club or organization.

They should cap the amount of money they give to each group at $5,000. That plus fundraising should be more than enough for each club.

This way the committee can give out funds to more organizations, and organizations who normally request more funds can raise the money themselves.

Another option is decreasing or eliminating the salaries of the committee’s two full-time employees, who are paid out of the fees.

The committee should explore these options instead of trying to get the board to raise the fee for everyone across the district.

If the fee were to be raised by $1 per credit hour, students taking 12 hours will be paying $24 per semester. This money could be spent on school supplies, food and other necessary items.

The committee needs to budget more carefully instead of hitting up students -— most of whom never have a chance to take advantage of activities.


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