Letter: Cost of drinking and driving higher than you think

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Aaron Martinez does a great job explaining the consequences of a DWI (“Drink, Drive, Go to Jail” in Spring Break March 9-13 on The Ranger Online), but he left out other expenses that add up.

I received a DWI back in 2011. My blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit, and I was pulled over for running a red light.

The last thing I remember was drinking in a bar with my friends, and then I found myself behind the wheel driving.

I regret getting in my car and turning the key.

My life took a hard blow, and I am still feeling the repercussions of that night. I received a $500 fine, community service and a surcharge of $1,000 for three years.

I also received a Breathalyzer in my car for six months, and had to pay $120 to have it installed, and $80 a month for a service fee. I paid $500 in court fees, $50 for a court appointed attorney (because my case did not stand a chance), and paid $50 for multiple classes. In total, my expenses added up to approximately $5,000.

Being hung over in a drunk tank followed by paying money to something that does not benefit your future is alone a dreadful feeling, but knowing one could have possibly taken a life or hurt an individual is even worse. Drinking and driving is not worth it.

Mario J. Ruiz

Banking and Financial Services Freshman


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