Registration starts with ApplyTexas application

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By Alyssa Zapata

The place to start navigating the registration process for new and returning students is filling out a college application at

“The first place to start after FAFSA is,” said Joan Tsacalis, director of advising.

FAFSA is an application for federal student aid that is determined by a student’s expected family contribution based on financial information.

Her strongest advice is to start the admission and registration process as early as possible.

On Apply Texas, applicants will designate San Antonio College and their intended major and degree.

Martin Ortega, director of admissions, said it takes about 24 hours for Alamo Colleges to receive the application from Apply Texas.

After receiving the application, it could take four to six days to register for classes if there are no issues with the application.

Ortega says a lot of times the problems with applications are caused by students not following instructions.

For example, if students have attended an Alamo College, they do not need to list it under where to get a transcript. Transcripts are already here.

Alamo Enroll on the Alamo Colleges website gives a list of instructions that can help students apply and register, he said.

If a student follows instructions, then the process of registering typically takes a couple of weeks.

Deadlines are available on the college website.

The information needed to register is an e-mail address, Social Security number, legal name, county of residence and transcripts from high school and dual credit courses as well as other colleges. International students also need a visa.

Tsacalis suggested students visit the college websites to answer questions about degree options and courses.

Tsacalis recommended potential students visit the campus for advising. She helped plan a new advising model.

Tsacalis has worked at Texas State University and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

One of the main problems she sees for incoming freshman is holds placed on their account that stop them from enrolling in classes.

Holds can consist of not receiving a transcript or to just needing a student development course.

Students are able to remove a hold by visiting or calling the department that can remove the hold.

Ortega says that the typical hold is for not receiving high school transcripts.

She said the college has hired 13 advisers.

Following directions is advice that Ortega says can save time.


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