Trim Tab nominations open for staff

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Leadership classes implement ‘7 Habits’ training.

By Alyssa Zapata

Nominations for Trim Tab Recognition for a staff member at this college are open until July 31.

Trim Tab Recognition was proposed to recognize a staff member who exhibited outstanding skills and dedication in their duties.

The name refers to a trim tab that is a small second rudder, attached to the big rudder on a ship. Without the second rudder, the ship is unable to change course.

“The award is named after the rudder because each part of the staff is a small part, but they can all change the course of student success and the college’s as well,” Cynthia Price, senior statistical research specialist, said.

To qualify for an award, staff must be full-time, have continuously worked at this college for at least one year and be in good standing.

A full-time employee may nominate another full-time staff professional to the annual award through an online nomination form.

The nomination form is available through the SharePoint website.

President Robert Vela presented the award last year to Marcela Castaneda, administrative services specialist in the protective services department.

The award was conceived by the 2010 Thomas C. Hoy Leadership Program InSights project members to recognize staff who go above and beyond their duty, Price said.

The members went to the college executive team who agreed to award up to $3,000 to be used in furthering education such as going to a conference or attending a workshop to improve job skills, Price said.

The Hoy Institute started in 2003 when Price proposed having leadership training for staff to President Dr. Robert Zeigler and Executive Vice President Thomas C. Hoy.

With the help of Zeigler and Hoy, the Staff Leadership Certification program was created to improve strategies for staff to help reach the common goal of student success.

In 2007 the program was dedicated to Hoy for his support and development of the program.

Since then Hoy has donated $1,500 in scholarships that are awarded to participants working toward an associate degree or transferring to work toward a bachelor’s degree.

Along with the continued education, a curriculum for the leadership program was formulated, Price said.

“In 2010 we decided to use the book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ as our curriculum,” she said.

Dr. Johnnie Rosenauer, founding director of the Murguia Learning Institute, volunteered to direct the class after getting certified as a Covey facilitator. FranklinCovey is the publisher of the book.

The program is considered to be job-related, and supervisors allow employees to make time for training.

The first phase of the program to take the “7 Habits” principles class. The second phase is utilizing the seven habits.

The third phase is creating a project to help the college.

The InSights project came from the third phase and created the Trim Tab Recognition.

Nominations are reviewed by July 31 and are awarded by the president during a campuswide award ceremony. No date has been set.

For information, call Price at 210-486-0756 or


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  1. Cynthia Price on

    I want to thank & recognize the Trim Tab Committee without their efforts this award would have never become a reality.

    Thank you to Nick Benedetto, Henry Castillo, Martha Castro, Ester Coronado, Alice Garcia, Jerry Guerra, Hilda San Miguel and Michele Tippit.

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