Letter: College could learn lesson in advising from TAMU-SA

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I agree with your assessment that there is a lack of advisers for the current students.

I have had a hard time at SAC due to the lack of advising from a specific adviser. Luckily, I have had professors who have taken care to speak with me about my role not only in their classes but as a student and who have helped me to plan my exit strategy and focus my efforts on which important classes to take.

However, due to the lack of advisers, and the incredible amount of time it takes to see any adviser, I have steered people away from SAC in the past for this very reason.

I am also a current student at Texas A&M-San Antonio, and their advising system is incredibly efficient, and they have the correct number of advisers.

I do not wait longer than 20 minutes to see an adviser, and they are able to help me plan and get on track with what I need to do.

In short, SAC simply needs a better system for distributing its advisers and more of them to aid with its struggling student population who need guidance.


Jacob A. Castrejana

History Sophomore


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