Letter: Despite life’s ups and downs, don’t give up

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Daniel Carde’s viewpoint, “Life’s highs and lows make me who I am,” March 30, was truly inspiring. I can’t relate, but it set a fire in me to never give up.

This past year was my first in college and it didn’t go as I expected.

I had a plan to go to Texas State University for two years as I complete pre-requisites for pharmacy school, but at the end of the year I realized I set myself back.

I failed a math class, which required me to retake it, and I got D’s in both of my biology courses that I will have to retake before moving forward in the science department.

I was down because I felt like I could have done better and now I will have to go to school for two extra years than I had planned.

I had applied at the University of Texas at San Antonio but unfortunately didn’t make the transfer requirements due to not having enough hours. This eliminated my chances of taking the science courses over the summer.

Instead, I decided to attend community college over the summer and complete all of my basics so I could focus on my science courses when I return to Texas State in the fall.

I learned that there are going to speed bumps and not everything is going to go my way, but I am going keep my options open and do whatever it takes to become a pharmacist.

Samantha Naranjo
Chemistry Sophomore


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