Letter: Focus on quality, not pathways

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Re: “Pathways model prevents students from taking courses that do not transfer,” May 19


I believe these are connotations that run parallel with the administration’s concern for the students’ overall well-being at San Antonio College. These newly presented pathways are supposed to be designed for the “modern” student. What the administration should do is call us by how they see us — “cattle students.”

The administration wants a student to follow a “pathway” 100 percent and not explore outside options for a career choice. Whatever you choose to pursue in college when you are 18 is the path you must choose or you will be penalized.

Also, this model requires that the advisers keep in close contact with students to make sure no extra classes are taken. Good luck, SAC!

With an adviser-to-student ratio of 1 to 800, you are doing nothing more than blowing smoke up the proverbial rear end of the student body.

To improve the ratio of students transferring to four -year institutions, I suggest not changing the “pathways,” but looking inward and evaluating the quality of education being presented at this college.

These last two semesters have been filled with teachers who don’t care and administration that is faceless. I suggest not finding ways to save the taxpayers’ money, rather cut out all the useless administration collecting paychecks.

We need to hold the leaders of the institution responsible.

Christopher Chavez Sr.

Liberal Arts Sophomore



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