Letter: Pathway model works to save time and money

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Your May 19 article, “Pathways model prevents students from taking courses that do not transfer,” did a great job of bringing students up to date with current measures aimed at transferring larger amounts of coursework to four-year universities.

As a sophomore at Northeast Lakeview College currently working toward earning transfer credits, I constantly struggle to balance work, family life and my course studies.

This is a battle that is exceedingly difficult some days being married with three small children ages 10 and younger.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree will not only benefit myself personally, in regards to obtaining a career in a desired field of work, but will also benefit the financial stability of my family.

In order to achieve this goal in a somewhat affordable fashion, I am currently taking basic courses at the community college level with the plan to transfer to Texas State University to finish out the major coursework required for my specific degree plan.
My frustration with this degree process is that some of the courses I am currently taking may not be transferable.

Not only is there the possibility that I will have to retake these courses at the university, but my family will be required to pay tuition a second time for a one course subject.

This concept is a waste of time and money, two things that my family cannot afford to give up.

The implementation of the new model of Pathways would prevent students like myself from having to retake courses at the university level and would be more cost-efficient in the long run for both students and taxpayers.

Jon DeHoyos

Health and Fitness Management Sophomore


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