Letter: Restructuring campus ministry questionable

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Re: “Catholic campus minister is terminated,” May 8


I’m curious, as a current San Antonio College student and a practicing Catholic member of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, exactly what “restructuring” to the campus ministry program has the archdiocese performed and possibly is performing in the future?

I understand from the article, certain staff from The Ranger have made an attempt to reach out to Mari Silva, the archdiocese’s department head for pastoral ministries, but to no avail.

The summation of this article leaves me wondering about the “changed” methods in “how the structure of ministry is delivered”, obscurely stated by the director of communications for the San Antonio Archdiocese, Pat Rogers.

What has called for these changes and terminations? How will they affect the structure of the on campus ministry?

And how will it be delivered to the members?

The decision to “terminate” former Catholic Campus Minister Joseph Leidecke (along with other department positions) was a thought out and a justified decision made by the clergy of San Antonio’s Archdiocese, of that I do not doubt or question.

However, the on-campus ministry must maintain its presence at SAC and continue its efforts in spreading the Gospel.

My question for the archdiocese’s campus ministry is who or what will ensure that task?

I have not personally inquired at the Catholic Student Center about the on-campus ministry restructuring nor have I participated in the campus ministry prior; however, reading this article has prompted me to engage in the campus ministry, and seek out its spiritual leaders and reformed methods in effort to build upon my religious faith.

Ryan Flournoy


English Sophomore



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