Letter: Strict gun control may leave citizens defenseless

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Re: “Concealed guns good idea for emergencies,” April 6


First, let me start by saying that guns have done nothing but promote murder and and corruption ever since they have come into existence.

If I thought that all guns could be destroyed, that’s what I would support, but the fact of the matter is that’s not a possibility.

There will always be guns, and much how a drug addict will always find the means to get their hands on illegal drugs, a person with a vendetta against someone can always find the means to get their hands on a gun, regardless if there are laws against it or not.

For this reason, stricter gun control laws are counter-productive. Taking guns away from everybody will not get the guns out of a criminal’s hand but instead make law abiding citizens defenseless.

Not allowing citizens to carry a gun will also limit the possibility of stopping a mass shooting if need be.

For example, if someone other then Dylann Roof had a gun when he decided to storm into that church building a few days ago and shoot those nine people, nine innocent lives may have been spared.

This is just one example and the fact of the matter is mass shootings are occurring at an all-time high frequency over the past four years, even though gun control laws are stricter now than ever.

It’s time to take a new approach and allow the tremendous amount of law-abiding citizens to help aid in the process of stopping the corrupt few, not stand by, defenseless, in the case of an emergency.


Chase Kendal Koll
Wildlife Biology Senior

Texas State University


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