Letter: Vampires bring life to Austin community

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Re: “Interview with a vampire king,” Oct. 27


Pam Paz did a great job on this article. It was every entertaining and informative on what the vampire organization is all about.

I had no idea this organization was an actual thing, I had to go to their Facebook page and see it for myself.

I’m impressed on everything they do by giving back to their community and was glad to read how they volunteered at the Austin Food Bank since I’m an employee of the San Antonio Food Bank.

I know how much the food banks give to their community, and for the Vampire Court to be a part of that is so uplifting.

I find vampires to be very interesting and mysterious but just to know there is an actual vampire organization is very exciting.

Since they just started with 10-15 people in 2011 and now are at almost 65, do you think in a few years they might expand to other cities besides Austin? Like San Antonio or Houston?

It would be a great idea to have an organization such as the Vampire Court here in San Antonio. I’m sure there’s many people that would join and at the same time will help out our community.

By reading your article, I noticed the Vampire Court has a vampire ball every year, so I got more information on that and might explore it myself this year. It seems so exciting.

The Vampire Court also hosting a special July 4th July event and is collecting donations for LifeWorks Austin.

If you donate, you get half off the cover charge to the event.

Great job to the Vampire Court for expressing who they are and at the same time accepting everyone, not just the people that see themselves as a vampires.

Two thumbs up for everything they do for their community.

Andres Olivarez


Automotive Technology Sophomore



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