Letter: Wait and see attitude needed for Spurs fans

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The article, “Spurs get new look in 2016” (May 19), was very interesting. The team as it is now is a winning team.

However, maybe some change is good. This season was a little rough compared to last season and I have to admit a letdown.

Not every season can be a winning season, however. The players are human and are not perfect. It’s hard to think that the team might be losing some players that have made a name for themselves here, but new blood can’t hurt either.

However, the diehard fans of the Spurs might not like losing the championship team.

The fans have grown an attachment, and I think it might be hard to deal with the team members going to another team.

Losing the team that won us the championship last year will be hard to do and that’s a fact.

However, as soon as we start winning games, the fans will start to come around to the idea of a new team.

The fact is we are still in the dark and don’t know what is going to happen. We still might have the championship team next season for all we know.

The fans can’t stress about the team until the trades have actually taken place.

We will just have to wait and see if we will stick to what we know or bring new blood into the mix.

It will be exciting news when we can finally know what the team will become.


Kaitlin Peavler

Education Sophomore



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