Letters: Smokers should go home

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Re: “No exceptions on smokers,” April 6

I wish the headline read “Smokers. Go Home.”

For this is now where I really believe smoking should be limited and maybe cars, which I can assure you, I would not drive with anyone who smoked in their car.

But the fact that the campus feels it’s necessary to have a corner for smokers is ridiculous.

Smoking has been banned for the most part in all businesses mostly because of the health effects on others.

But let’s be serious, the real reason should be because who wants to smell like an ashtray?

I have had the unfortunate pleasure to rent a car, only to leave it having the soaked stench of Marlboro Lights on my work clothes.

Now if I had to have that smell on my school attire as well because of a corner that was put there to please smokers, I would be furious.

Since we are pleasing smokers, I would like to be pleased as well. I’d like a corner for foot massages and back rubs!

Not going to happen? Well until that day comes I think that smoking should be kept at home.
Brian Benavidez
Communications Sophomore


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