Vice chancellor advises using smart passwords

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Thomas Cleary reviews weak passwords and the first week of operations for the new ACES.

By: Kyle R. Cotton

During the Building, Grounds & Sites Selection Committee, Dr. Thomas Cleary, vice chancellor of planning, performance and information systems, updated trustees on upgrades to ACES, tips to prevent identity theft for students and faculty members, and potential upgrades for the ACES network.

Cleary suggested logging off computers, networks and websites when you are done, and not opening unknown email links or attachments.

Cleary presented 26 weak passwords that students and faculty should never use that he said he found on Yahoo.

Among them was qwerty, password, jesus and gospursgo.

“Since 57,000 of you (Students and faculty) changed your password, hopefully it isn’t one of these,” Cleary said.

“These are not clever,” Cleary said. “People here love No. 26 (gospursgo). We didn’t win. If we won, you could use it.”

“25, even Jesus won’t help you if someone busts into your account,” Cleary said.

“Passwords are like toothbrushes,” Cleary said. “Three simple rules for passwords and toothbrushes: one, pick a good one; two, don’t share it; and three, change it often.”

Cleary said that the Luminus migration, or the new ACES implementation, was rather difficult and thanked everyone at district IT who for the last two months were at work every weekend and every night. He said some people came in at 2:30 a.m. to get the new system up and running.

He also thanked the non-teaching faculty who use ACES regularly who scaled back their usage so that all the system power could go to students who needed to register during that first hectic week.

According to Cleary, the system had 388,277 unique wireless sessions on the campuses wireless routers with peak concurrent use being 9,740.

The website had 901, 942 visits and a total of 85 million-plus database transactions with the new ACES system all in the first week of classes.

All of this on top of the 111,065 phone calls IT received that week.

Cleary said he expects to put in a new Banner platform and storage upgrade before or during the holiday season.

Cleary said they wanted to get the upgrades up and running with the new ACES.

“We didn’t have enough people, we didn’t have enough time, and we didn’t want to introduce too much risk into the environment, but this is going to happen,” Cleary said.


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