New company provides dining services at colleges

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Lancer Hospitality will return 6.5 percent of net retail sales to district.

Cynthia M. Herrera

Lancer Hospitality began providing food services Aug. 24 to cafeterias and cafes at Alamo Colleges.

The board of trustees approved the contract July 28 for a three-year contract with Lancer Hospitality to provide affordable healthy food choices, management systems, inventory, labor and the materials necessary to provide cafeteria services for students, faculty and staff across the Alamo Colleges.

The contractor, headquartered in Minnesota, has 30 years of hospitality management experience and provides dining services, catering and vending services to attractions, corporations and schools.

Selrico Services had provided those services for eight years.

Lancer Hospitality was chosen over Selrico Services because Lancer would be able to provide consumer preferences for affordable pricing, healthy menu items, improved services and dining atmosphere for students, faculty and staff, according to the minute order approved by trustees.

This college’s cafeteria in Loftin Student Center operates 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and hot meals are available 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The new vendor charges $1.09 for a slice of bacon or sausage for $1.09, breakfast bowls for $ 4.49, slice of pizza for $2.69, deli sandwiches ranging from $5.49 to $6.29, burritos starting at $5.99, tacos for $4.69, and burgers and chicken sandwiches starting at $5.79.

Some menu items can become combos for an extra $2.49, which includes kettle chips or fruit and a small soda or half a liter of bottled water, or for breakfast items, two hash browns and a small coffee.

A mobile app that will allow customers to pay for their food is one of the services provided, according to the minute order trustees approved.

Online catering is also available through the new provider for students and employees to use for events or meetings, Gary O’Bar, director of purchasing and contract administration, said.

Alamo Colleges made a one-time payment of $162,900 for renovations in the dining facilities at all campuses of Alamo Colleges.

Lancer Hospitality will pay an estimated $177,000 annually or 6.5 percent of net retail sales to Alamo Colleges to pay for lighting, phone services, air conditioning, security, floor cleaning and other services.

The company will provide Alamo Colleges with $5,000 annually in scholarships as well as paid student internships for management positions. Information on internships was not immediately available.

In a survey conducted in the spring semester, more than 2,200 students and staff responded they would like to have an improved service and dining experience, O’Bar said.

O’Bar said Lancer hired some employees who worked at the colleges for Selrico.


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