Crime Happens: Be proactive

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Tobin Lofts and parking garage see spike in crime.

Forty-six crimes have been reported at Tobin Lofts and the Tobin parking garage between Jan. 1 and Sept. 21.

This exceeded the 44 reported crimes in all of 2014.

During that same period, all other campuses in Alamo Colleges have seen a decline in reported crimes.

Deputy Chief Joe Curiel and Police Chief Don Adams have credited the decline to police involvement with students and the community.

That’s great news for students at Alamo Colleges unless you live, work or spend time around Main Avenue and Evergreen Street where Tobin Lofts is located.

This college, which has an open campus and low-income areas nearby, is on a bus route and faces popular bars and clubs on its east side.

With a student resident apartment building and a five-story garage used by the public on weekends on Alamo Colleges property, an increase in crimes isn’t that surprising.

Students and other residents need to push for increased security in and around the lofts and garage.

They can report incidents to management and campus police and also complain to the interim vice president of student success, Dr. Lisa Alcorta.

They might want to take their concerns to the Student Government Association, which represents students to the administration.

Students also need to exercise caution.

Students should be aware of their surroundings and consider a self-defense class to increase confidence.

Walk with a buddy. Students, staff and professors can request a police escort to cars at night.

Don’t leave your backpack unattended or bicycle chained with a flimsy lock.

If you drive, make sure your valuables aren’t visible and your doors are locked before you leave your vehicle.

As students, we shouldn’t solely rely on district police or college officials to keep us safe.

We must face reality and do all we can to keep from becoming victims of crime.


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