College president seeks student art for 2015 holiday card

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Design contest that offers monetary prize will accept entries until Oct. 23.

By Gabriela Rodriguez

File art.

File art.

With a $500 scholarship under the tree for one student artist, the President’s Holiday Card Design Contest anticipates submissions to start dashing through the snow.

The annual contest’s purpose is to help a student financially and give them a platform for their work.

Project Facilitator Dee Dee Gonzalez said all students can participate in the contest, which ends at 4 p.m. Oct. 23.

The card can be designed in any medium from digital to hand-drawn and will be the cover of college President Robert Vela’s holiday card, an invitation to the President’s Holiday Gathering distributed to all faculty, staff, board members and retirees.

“It’s a SAC tradition,” Gonzalez said.

The winner will receive recognition on the back of the card and a $500 scholarship awarded at the President’s Holiday Gathering Dec. 4.

“At the end of the day this contest is to be able to help a student and give them an award that will help them with their books, any college needs or even next semester’s tuition,” Gonzalez said.

Students can email the card to and attach the official form, which can be found at

But Gonzalez recommends submitting entries in person.

“It’s better for them to come in person so we know they are eligible to win when they fill the form in person,” Gonzalez said.

To submit an entry in person, students must bring a hard copy of the design, a digital file — whether it’s in a thumb drive or a CD— and the official entry form. Gonzales will accept the entries in Room D403 of the Continuing Education portable building on Dewey Street next to the Church of Christ Student Center.

Vela and his executive team will choose the winner.

“We received anywhere between 25-30 entries last year. … There’s a good competition going on,” Gonzalez said.

Former student Juan Carlos Campos was last year’s winner. He graduated in 2014 with associate degrees in graphic design, communication design and digital animation. He continues to do illustrations for this college’s newspaper, The Ranger.

“I’ve been drawing pictures since I can remember,” Campos said. “It was always my passion. Pencils, colors and paper always were my favorite gifts during my childhood.”

After four hours of hard work, from sketches to the final drawing made on the computer, Campos finished his winning entry of a close-up of Santa’s beard and suit with the initials “SAC” on his belt.

“Winning this contest was very important to me,” he said. “It is always important to receive awards and recognition for the work that you do that builds confidence and motivates you to keep working on what you like.”

The scholarship helped finance his passion for art.

“I used this scholarship to buy a new digital pen and a new computer software of digital illustration,” Campos said.

All past entries, dating back to 2009, are kept in Gonzalez’s office, and any student can look at them to see what other students have done and get inspired, she said.

Students might consider including this college’s anniversary in the design.

“This is our 90th year,” Gonzalez said. “It’s not a requirement but it would be a nice touch.”

The annual contest has been going on for decades — since the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Campos said getting involved in these kinds of school activities can benefit students.

“I think it’s very important for students to participate in these contests because it helps to strengthen the habit of work, helps you practice and improve your skills,” Campos said. “It forces you to follow a few guidelines to make your work with success. It gives you the possibility that your work represents your college.”

For more information, call Gonzalez at 210-486-0967.



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