Nothing fun about alcohol awareness

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Tress-Marie Landa does a great job explaining the alcohol awareness event hosted by the SAPD Oct. 5, but the event was portrayed a little too much on the entertaining side.

From personal experience, I lost my uncle in 1993 to a drunk driver. Also, my aunt, who was a passenger in the same vehicle, broke her left leg in several different places. Consequently, from a biased point of view, I do not take alcohol awareness and/or drinking and driving awareness lightly. I cringed when I read the quote, “it’s fun” from Mary Dayton, San Antonio College’s health promotions adviser and coordinator, as she described the event.

I understand Ms. Dayton is only trying to get her point across, but fun? Surely another word could express the seriousness of awareness.

Data, provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proves that in 2004 and 2013 the percentage of drivers involved in fatal crashes, who were alcohol-impaired, was highest in the 21-24 and the 25-34 age groups.

Events such as this one need to raise awareness to college students, but certainly do not need to be portrayed as amusing or enjoyable.

Armando Contreras

History Sophomore


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