SACtacular called on account of rain

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Neighborhood fair postponed to Nov. 6.

By Kyle R. Cotton

With a 100 percent chance of rain forecast for the weekend, this college has postponed the third annual SACtacular block party.

The event was moved from Friday to Nov. 6.

President Robert Vela said the decision was made because of how easily parts of this college can flood.

“It floods real easy there and we don’t want to put people in danger,” he said

The neighborhood event features food and other product vendors, animal exhibits and a petting zoo from the San Antonio Zoo, live music and a boxing match.

Vela said moving the event to Thursday night wasn’t an option because it would be difficult to have all the vendors change their schedule on such short notice.

He also said moving it inside wasn’t an option because this college doesn’t have the space.

“Even if we were to move it inside, everything would be so spread out (between buildings at this college) that people would still be in the rain and we don’t want to put them at risk,” he said.

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